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£15($20) PER 10,000 WORDS

Beta read includes:

free sample edit 

in-line developmental editing suggestions


an extensive personalised Beta report






Below is a contents list of items included in your personalised beta reading report. My aim is to guide you to self-edit further, examine your strengths and weaknesses, and aid you to move on to the next stage in your writing journey. My goal is to go above and beyond what you would get from any other paid beta reading service. 

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Hey! thanks again so much for the help! You were super helpful and very gentle with my feelings, which I MUCH appreciated! Also extremely prompt! I definitely appreciate your comments and will come back to you for future projects. :)



Hayley was super-fast at reading  the 15k of my novel. She was super kind and found a few grammatical errors for me and gave me formatting suggestions for publishing. Excellent beta reader :)



Hayley is a fantastic beta reader. Her insights and comments on my manuscript were extremely helpful. I will definitely beg her to read for me again, and if anyone else is looking for a top notch beta reader, ask Hayley first!



Hayley was super pleasant and quick with reading! She corrected my spelling mistakes AND gave me advice on what to watch out for while writing. Highly recommend you give her a chance!

Thank you! -Alek



Hayley just beta read the first 25K for me and I couldn't be happier. She did a wonderful job. So good, in fact, I plan on using her services for my second novel, the sequel to this one.

I will also refer her services to my writer friends.

Thanks, Hayley for a job well done.



I have nothing but good things to say about Hayley! She was an incredibly helpful beta reader for the first 25k of my manuscript, offering great feedback to strengthen my prose and leaving me with considerations on how to connect deeper on an emotional level with readers. Her words were kind and encouraging, and I would be more than happy to seek her help again in the future! If you're looking for a beta reader, be sure to reach out to her :)



Hayley is a really awesome beta reader. Thanks for all your help! :)

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